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3240 NW 7th Street, Miami, FL 33125


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Boarding and Grooming

Dog Spa

       Hospital Hours

Monday to Thursday:   9 AM-5 PM

Saturday:                        9 AM-12 PM

Friday and Sunday:      Closed                 

This is a real boarding vacation
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We offer Daycare and Boarding for cats and dogs. We offers both full-service veterinary care and high class boarding accommodations. Our boarding facility is extremely clean and conditional for your pet. If your pet becomes ill while boarding, the doctors on duty will be notified to examine your pet immediately.


Day care works similarly to daycare for children. You drop off your dog in the morning, and she gets to play, socialize, snack and nap while you’re off working. Then you pick her up at the end of the workday.Day Care is an excellent way to give your dogs the socialization and daily exercise they, need in a safe and relaxed environment. Separation anxiety, depression, obesity, excessive barking or chewing are good reasons to bring your dog to our Day Care program. Dogs are pack animals and require socialization around other dogs and people. Day Care builds positive canine social behavior and provides an outlet for dogs to be among other dogs.


Bording care is when you decide take a short or long vacations, bussiness travel or work outside the city, state or country. Our mission is to provide the best care for your dogs, but our ultimate goal is that you are also confident and satisfied. Your pet will feel as vacation in our facility.


Requirements to Board:


In order to board your pets, we require the following vaccinations. We strongly recommend these vaccinations to be given at least one week prior to boarding; however we will administer upon admission, if necessary.


Dogs: DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Heartworm test -Negative. A negative test of internal parasites or in Heartworm prevention.


Cats: Rabies and FVRCP


If your pet received vaccines elsewhere, we will need written proof of vaccinations from a previous veterinarian. If necessary, the doctor can administer them with an exam. Additional fees will be charged accordingly. If your dog or cats have any heath condition and is in any treatment you need to bring your medications.


Are you tired of wrestling with your pet when it’s time for a bath? Are you nervous about trimming nails? Is regular brushing becoming a chore for you and your pet? Has your pet’s hair become tangled, dirty, or matted?


If you’re looking for options when it comes to grooming your pet, why not come to us for your pet’s next bath, nail trim, or haircut? We offer a convenient solution by maintaining a clean, safe, high-quality grooming facility. When it comes to keeping your pet looking like a star, let us help you! Our professional associates groomers and friendly staff have a lot of experience and will take great care of your pet’s grooming needs. We understand that each pet is unique, and we will make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable during his or her grooming appointments. We’ll treat your pet with compassion and care while making every effort to create a look you will love!


Our grooming services include:


All style of grooming​ Slow, gentle brush and comb out​
All natural shampoos and conditioners​

Flea bath if is necessary​

Mini massage​

Checking for fleas and ticks​
Express anal glands​
Nails trimmed​

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